Waldron H. Giles

Of the descendants of slave owners, these four names: Harry Miree, Russell Ross, Meghan McCain and Anderson Cooper should be noted by every black American seeking the justice of reparations.

Biographies of the four kids from families of generational race criminals (who yet deny reparations) showcase how the legacy of slavery en-wealthed their families. 

Meghan McCain & 
Harry Miree 

Harry Miree is the brother of dead Reparations Offender Kyser Miree. He is believed to be directly related to the savage Perry County slave owner William S. Miree and has been asked. “(We) really don’t want to escalate something that’s in that category. I don’t intend to respond to those people or websites.” Benjamin Miree father of both Harry & Kyser publicly declared in the referencing link.
Russell , Jennifer, Joseph & John Ross

Russell “Russ” Ross is the brother of dead Reparations Offender Jennifer Ross.
Anderson Cooper

(NEW) THE ANDERSON COOPER REPARATIONS PROTEST: Great Great Grandson Of Savage Slave Owner Cornelius Vanderbilt Condemned For Family’s Unrestituted Race Crimes; Owned Hundreds Blacks, 3,300 Acre Plantation